Important News

Fees 1st installment of 70% must be paid before Friday 13th September. The completion of fees due date for this term is 30th September, 2019. Any delay in completing this payment by 31st October, will attract a 10% extra fee on the original amount you are supposed to pay.

Personal cheques and commitment letters are no longer acceptable, this comes in line with what has been observed that such CQs or Letters are usually not honored.

School uniforms will be given within two weeks after payment, usually we make orders after 10 payments have been received.
All self-made uniforms are not accepted; uniforms are bought at school only for standard purposes.

For those using school bus, take note that we might not be on time the first two weeks, as we will be working on the new route map in order to incorporate those that have just joined us.

We have a WhatsApp platform which you may wish to be added please submit your contact to office and you will be added. Be informed that no trailer messages or any graphics that does not carry LFS emblem is not allowed to be posted on this group.