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Little Feet Schools is a brain child of the founder and director. After seeing the imbalanced education standards in Malawi, Little feet Nursery School was born in 2013. From there the school grew so fast that saw its premises expanded and primary school introduced in 2015.
Our Goals in Malawi are producing the best quality education across Africa and become the most reliable elementary school
We believe that a personalized and adaptive education is the key to the development of a student.

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Directors Message

  • Director’s Message,

    Happy and active children are creative children who are willing to learn.

    All our programmes are designed to stimulate learning through the five senses; smell, touch, taste, hear, and sight. Cognitive stimulation of the mind is also important, and this is achieved through imagination, creative thinking, social interaction, and most of all learning through play and fun. Our Montessori education principle approach recognizes; Fun, Learning, Friends, and Creativity as essential components of learning process.

    We believe that a genuine alliance between parents and teachers creates the best climate for a child’s first learning experience away from home and as such, communication and collaboration with parents is ongoing. Teachers are able to know, honor and nurture the unique character and spirit of each child because of our low student to teacher ratio.

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    T. Ngulube
    Director Little Feet Schools

Rules and Regulations

  • Please inform us by whatever means if your child will not be
    attending classes on a particular day.
     Should your child be absent for more than one week without any
    communication from parent/guardians, we will assume their withdraw and their place be given to another child on the waiting list.
     Upon return from illness, please produce a doctor’s note for our
    school records.
     Should you notice your child coming down with a contagious illness, please keep them home till it clears for fear of transmitting it
    to other children

  •  Little Feet Schools has a signature uniform comprising a
    checked shirt with brown-gold stripes and chocolate-brown
    trouser, with a brown jersey for boys. A checked dress with a
    yellow blouse, a brown crossover, brown jersey and brown
    gold-striped socks for girls.
    The uniform, costing K45,000.00 is to be worn with comfortable black shoes and brown striped knee socks from Monday to
    i. We also have sports kit of white tracksuit with black stripes
    and green T-shirt priced at K35,000.00 that will be worn
    with trainers and socks on Friday.
    CIVVIES (home clothes) will be worn on certain occasions
    especially agriculture day but you will be notified when. To
    maintain standard school uniform MUST be bought at the
    center after enrollment/application.
    ii Hair style for your children should be manageable and kept
    tidy throughout term time.